What’s Going On In Salt Lake City On This Beautiful Monday Morning?

What’s going on in the world of Salt Lake City heading into the new week this Monday morning? Everyone is done relaxing for the weekend, and it is time to take flight on Monday, coffee in hand. What’s in the news? There is quite a mixed bag of topics indeed when it comes to the top headlines in Salt Lake City UT.

To begin, there is a news headline about the police taking over for Santa Claus. It is always nice to see these types of news stories about a community during Christmastime. In other news, there are counterfeit 50 dollar bills floating around, and that type of story just makes you roll your eyes. It’s unfortunate that people do things like that.

There is a gang rape trial going on as well, and it was just moved to Salt Lake City. Why did the trial get moved? Well, some of the jurors failed to show up, and so there was a mistrial. That is also very unfortunate that a rape case has to be tried starting from the top. I feel sorry for the victim and the victim’s family. Hopefully, everything will move along as planned this time around.

Have you heard about KRCL Radio hiring a new general manager? Evidently, there has been quite a bit of drama going on over there at the radio station, and now they have put it all to bed. The new general manager is actually a former employee, and a beloved one at that.

Utah liquor stores are said to be doing something special during the holidays. That’s not the type of holiday, Christmastime story that I care to see. Let’s see if Salt Lake City can do better on the next round of news, with more stories like cops taking over for Santa Claus to help out.